Microwave not nuking your food? Below are a couple of tips that might help. Of course, if these tips don't help in your case, and you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or mid-cities area, feel free to give us a call at 817-262-8819

No Display, No Heat, No Anything

Try the breaker. Sometimes a power surge will throw a breaker. If your breaker shuts off again, DO NOT try to hold the breaker on. It could cause major problems if you do.

One cause may be a weak breaker. Over time old breakers can become weak and need to be replaced. If this doesn't fix it, we will be happy to come diagnose the problem.

I have a counter-top microwave

Sorry but counter-top microwaves are rarely worth fixing. Built-in and vent hood microwaves are worth fixing, but counter-top microwaves are usually cheaper to buy new. If you still want us diagnose the problem and write an estimate to fix it, we are happy to do that for a service fee.

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