My Freezer Freezes but the Refrigerator Part Doesn't Cool.

The refrigerator, on most fridges, gets it's cold air from the freezer section. That cold air comes from a vent between the freezer and refrigerator. You will want to make sure that vent is not blocked on either side of that wall.

Other possibilities could be a bad defrost, or a bad evaporator fan. If it's one of these problems, it's best to let a technician come out and do a diagnosis.

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Is your refrigerator not cool? We are happy to come to your home and diagnose any refrigerator problem you have. Below are some tips that you may want to try before calling. Of course, if these tips don't help in your case, and you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or mid-cities area, feel free to give us a call at 817-262-8819

No Lights, No Cooling, No Anything

Try the breaker. Sometimes a power surge will throw a breaker. If your breaker shuts off again, DO NOT try to hold the breaker on. It could cause major problems if you do.