The Dryer Tumbles but it Doesn't Get Hot (Electric Only, Not Gas).

Once again, try the breaker. Electric dryers use a double breaker. While they are not suppose to, sometimes one side of the breaker will shut off while the other stays on. This can possibly leave parts of your dryer on but shut the heat element off.

Clothes not drying? Here are some tips that might help. Of course, if these tips don't help in your case, and you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, feel free to give us a call at 817-262-8819

No Display, No Heat, No tumbling, No Anything

Try the breaker. Sometimes a power surge will throw a breaker. If your breaker shuts off again, DO NOT try to hold the breaker on. It could cause major problems if you do.

The Dryer Tumbles but it Doesn't Get Hot (Gas Only, Not Electric).

You're gas valve might be off. Sometimes, this is mistakenly left off when a new dryer is installed. If the valve is off, make sure to listen for leaks when you turn it on. Also, it's a good idea to wait about an hour to see if you smell gas. If you hear a leak or smell gas, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR DRYER! Shut the valve off immediately and vent out your laundry room or house.

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